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Blondies is a tiny dive bar in East London owned by the two Australian sisters Sharmaine and Verity Cox. With Verity, fronting as the Operations Manager and Sharmaine, standing in-charge of the general direction of the bar’s image, décor, merchandising and events. Their third sister, Rochelle is also responsible for creating alot of the images for their merchandise and beer line. Between the sisters and and friends, they all built the bar from start to finish, from concreting to plastering and carpentry.

Blondies Is a Rock, Metal, Blues bar. We do live band nights every thursday and djs every friday and saturday. They have also have teamed up with Kerrang Magazine to do a series of live gigs. The tiny space is ther perfect venue for the most intimate shows on the planet. 

With help from their tattoo artist friends, awesome décor runs throughout the bar including the walls of the beautifully and dimly lit beer garden.

Keep an eye out for what’s happening each night on Instagram and faebook or just come down and have a fucking good time! 

 Sisters Rochelle, Sharmaine and Verity Cox

Sisters Rochelle, Sharmaine and Verity Cox